Deus Swaps......

Im sure you all know this from somewhere…

but there is another deus swapmeet on the 13th of november, 10-4

contact piero at deus cycleworks if you want a stall.

Piero :
0410 641 207

poster attached:

sick, i was under the impression the next one was in January, gonna check it out.

Bugger - Thats the Gong ride date.

Yeah its a shame but I’ll be glad to be doing the ride.

I’ll be down the coast

Not doing the ride rod?

I’ll be camping at Coledale Beach…so if you’re going all the way to Wollongong then you will ride past me. The campsite is the next beach along after the Scarlborough Hotel.

So you can come meet us for lunch!

Gong Ride is 7th Nov…do both.

Not doing the MS Ride. Its an X-clusive sydney FoA ride… haha

Yeah, just realised that…funnily enough as I was taking a dump.

I’ll be having a stall if anyone wants to jump in, or just ‘dump’ you gear with me to sell.

Get the day off, Zak.

Hopefully we’ll be back from the gong before all the good shiz goes! I think Fiona’s looking for a little pub bike, so if there’s something there in a 50-52cm that can be run fixed/ss let me know :slight_smile: Will swing by in the arvo anyways.

Who’s Fiona?? Inquiring minds want to know.

The bird I’m seeing atm, her family owns Clarence St :wink:

The whole street? Wow.

And if she thinks she’s getting anywhere near the vandenberg-edwards monopoly on 50-52cm frames, she has another thing coming!

For real.


Love it!!

Am trying to convince her to buy the purple/glitter Vivalo on fleabay atm!

Id be keen to get in on this, got a few parts lying around.