Deuter products

I’m going to do a long solo ride and I was looking at getting a frame bag, one of those things that goes on the top tube and maybe even a huge saddle bag…

Anyone used or have any Deuter stuff and recommend for or against using it?

Thanks FoA!

If you mean the triangly one that hangs under the top tube, I used one when I when #doatouring in se Asia. It fit like 12 tubes, some spokes and other assorted crap. It held up pretty well and did exactly what it said on the packet. For small storage for negligable moneys I would buy again.

Like this?

Also I have their waterproof backpack from them and its sick.

Mate you don’t need a frame bag to get to mordi,
Just use a small saddle bag.

Deuter is awesome quality and many of their stuff is still made in Germany. Great people, great products.

Mate, going all the way to Frankston. Need to take 100 clif bars with me to make the journey.

N8’s hot tip for that frame bag is to glue/jam a 30cm wooden ruler in the top to stop it sagging and bobbing about.