DH bike into a Bo gear royd?

Hey all
I’m looking at getting a bike bag to replace my hard cover case for ease of use while traveling etc.
The royd looks the goods so far and am about to pull the trigger
But, before I order one does anyone know if it will fit a large size dual suspension Mtb inside with 26" wheels?
Looking at the dimensions of the bag it doesn’t look like it even with the fork removed, but anyone with any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated before I get one or have to get a custom sized one?
Thanks in advance


if Dave doesn’t give you superior customer service, you’re doing it wrong…

Cool thanks I’ll have to shoot him an email just checking if anyone had successfully fit one

I know, but seriously, there’s no one on here that’ll be as knowledgeable as Dave. if he can help, he will. if he can’t, he’ll tell you where to find what you want.


you can probably use a strap or something to hold the fork compressed, that will make it fit easier

I want to be on Dave.


i have a BO Royd and it’s ace.

just fits my CX bike (58sq or something like that), though, and if i didn’t have a compact crank it would be a really tight fit, i reckon.

can’t recommend the bag highly enough - well made, protects everything and folds up nicely.