^should read Diamant

Well I bought this thing cheaply a few months ago off this site and it has been a major bitch to get it together!
I can’t say I have enjoyed putting this together one bit. It owes me big time!!

frame- pre1960 (?) Diamant very rough frame but too special to strip and repaint (fish oil, cut and polished and then waxed)
stem and bars- Cinelli pista
cranks and chainring- Sugino Mighty (17 x 44)
chain- Izuma 1/8 (very tasty chain and I could get to prefer these to KMC)
wheels - Velocity areoheads (I <3 these rims) + gatorskins
bottom bracket- Miche primato (love these things)
seat post- 24mm (enough said about how common they are)
saddle- soma okami (will be soon replaced with one of these

Red cloth tape for bars and another wax and polish

Hey Azz, what headset did you get to fit this?

Good job getting it all together!

I like it all except for the pedals/straps. Everything else is classic looking. Having said that - I wouldn’t kick it out of bed for farting .

It came with one cup that was the correct size and nothing else.
After scourring the net ++ asking many questions and buying three different 1" threaded headsets I finally got a professional to shim out one of the ‘too small’ cups.
I didn’t want to do this and was advised not to do this but if I didn’t I would never get this thing on the road.
I shimmed the top cup as I thought the bottom cup would take more of a beating and shold be the correct size.
I will use my shimano clipless pedals when I get everything how I want it.
I don’t like straps much.

Azz, love the forks as you said man. looking so hot, change the pedals over though pleeeaseeeee. i need to get me some super mightys like that for my new build. nice little detail with the colour on them too.

A few more and better pics to show
1- On Ebay ‘red cloth tape’ isn’t always that, sometimes it’s orange/red plastic tape
2- just how much paint damage this baby has

Taking a while to get used to the new bars as I have been riding with Soma Major Talyors (reproductions)
but 17 x 44 skids like a mofo…

ps …the forks are ‘the sex’ but cost more than the frame and the cranks almost combined… :frowning:

what is the seat post diameter? did you have trouble finding an alloy post?

i was contemplating pickin up this frame too!
you have really done it justice!
glad it went to a good owner

I think it’s beautiful with the paint damage

/// yo azz … change the thread title to Diamant

Diamonts are forever…

I’m with Spirito, that paint is wonderful.

Tried but I can’t…bloody typos

24mm! Did I have trouble finding one? Hell yeah!!

so it is an alloy post… is the seat mounted by an old bmx style system (all tightened by nuts)?

^ yes it is…pretty ugly actually but all I could do

I went black!

Ugliest handlebar tape in the universe