Did anyone lose a mini krypto D lock?

i saw one on the bike path on footscray road at the appleton dock rd lights.

Is it just one half (the U shape bit)?
I lost half of mine near there last sunday lol…

nah it’s complete. looks pretty new too.

Ok, not mine then :frowning:

awww…i’ll keep an eye out for half d-locks for you.

I’m intrigued as to how you lose half a D lock…

Ha, no idea
Got to Uni on Monday and I only had half my lock :s.

could be the one erle lost about 2 years ago?

I assume you left it there sarah?

haha yeah i thought of that when i saw it murray. erle lost his down the bottom of the hill and it was ages ago, yeah…

yep i left it there horatio but i put it up on top of a small electricity box so it was more visible as i presume whoever lost it will be backtracking in hope of finding it.

while on the topic of mini krypto locks does anyone do this method?
Lock Strategy

Hell yeah. This with a Krypto Evolution Mini, plus thin (5mm) Krypto cable running to the front wheel. Can often get the lock around the seat tube as well as rear wheel, leaving absolutely no room to stick a jack in there. Only downside is that the mini locks are useless for locking to thick posts.

+1 also go through the chainring/cranks to stop those dirty thieves!