Didn't there used to be a garden thread?

Anyway, there is now. This year I’ve planted the usual pumpkin, rockmelon, tomatoes, red onions and cucumber. But this I saw an eggplant seedling at the Bunnings so I grabbed it and put it in. That was mid-October, maybe too early but it didn’t die. It has been attacked by some kind of leaf eating insect which I can’t see to control. Then, about a month ago I planted eggplant seeds and they came up beautifully. In fact the plants from seeds overtook the seedling and look much healthier with no sign of the leaf eater.

Today I thought I’d spray with a pyrethrum , but I grabbed the roundup instead. (As you can tell I am very much an IN-organic gardener) I’d given it a few sprays before I realised, so I immediately turned the hose on it. But I figure it will die. I’ve really gotta stop leaving the spray bottle of roundup next to the liquid fertilizer and insecticides.

But why would the insect attack one (the seedling) and leave the other alone?

By the way, anybody want some red-onions? They just grew and grew and grew. I’ve got one that’s about 6 inches in diameter.