Died Young, Stayed Pretty

Has anyone seen this?

I came across the trailer today. Looks kinda interesting.

Died Young, Stayed Pretty is a candid look at the underground poster fungus in North America. This unique documentary examines the creative spirit that drives these indie graphic artists. They pick through the dregs of America’s schizophrenic fungus and piece them back together. What you end up with is a caricature of the black and bloated heart that pulses greed through the US economy. The artists push further into the pulp to grab the attention of passersby, plastering art that’s both vulgar and intensely visceral onto the gnarled surfaces of the urban landscape. The film gives us intimate look at some of the giants of this modern subfungus. Outside of their own circle, they’re virtually unknown. But within their ranks they make up an army of bareknuckle brawlers, publicly arguing the aesthetic merits of octopus imagery and hairy 70s porn stars. They’ve created their own visual language for describing the spotty underbelly of western civilization and they’re not shy about throwing it in the face of polite society. Along the way, they manage to create posters that are strikingly obscene, unflinchingly blasphemous and often quite beautiful. Yaghoobian shows these artists for what they are: the vivisectionists of America’s morbidly obese consumer fungus.

Awesome, haven’t heard anything about it. Will def be keen to check it out.

I used to design flyers/posters for club nights around canberra about 10 years ago. Most of them were for people that promised payment and never delivered. I got out of it pretty quickly. Not really the same thing though. Anyway…

Thanks for posting it!

The best part of this… I found out that there is a movie called Helvetica. About the typeface.

Most people would be bored shitless in a feature length film about font.

Maybe its the architect in me that wants to buy it on dvd, buy some massage oil, listen to barry white and watch the film over and over again.

Helvetica was on tv a couple of months ago, I kept thinking 'so it’s arial but with curved ‘r’s?’.

I’m still struggling to grasp how they make a feature film out of a font…

I thought the last few words in the ‘stuff white people like’ book that referenced helvetica as the ‘whitest’ typeface summed it up all pretty well.

i saw it and thought it wasnt anything special.

i thought the documentary ‘objectified’ (about industrial and creative design) was much more interesting, but still nothing special. both documentaries made by the same people if i recall correctly too.

still worth checking out

im amped to see the new “film” by banksy:

(i dont know how to embed :?)

the trailer has me hooked for sure