Dinotte lights

Anyone here using? I seem to remember someone here getting excited about them a little while ago. Opinions?? Available locally?

I haz one, really fucking bright for the commute home, cars will definately notice you. Use 4 AA recharge batteries in a little pouch that I hang under stem. I use energizer 2600amh batteries that you can recharge in about 70 mins. Package from the states arrived in 5 working days via UPS global express.
Simple set-up, one switch pressed in different sequences will change the light function (i.e. on/off, low, medium and bright). The rear switch will glow red when you are low on power. Hold switch for 6 seconds and you change the light into a blincky that will burn out retina’s. Ordering website allows you to get extras such as rubber bands, pouches, battery holders, helmet mounts etc etc…

I may let you play with my light if you do little dance topless, in those fetching lycra shorts…sweety.

What about your pouch and stem?


only available for lip service and kids parties :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers for that big boy. Could be time to update my 10 year old cygolite that runs off a motorcycle battery. It’s a good light, was state of the art in its day but it weighs stupid heavy, takes all night to charge and only runs for an hour on full bright. Have tried various cateye jobs that don’t cut it in my dark places.

I did that for the missus once - she said it put her in mind of a lava lamp.