Had to share this.

“Every year, my wife and I devote the month of November to convincing our children their plastic dinosaur figures come to life while they sleep. It began modestly enough. The kids woke up to discover that the dinosaurs had gotten into a box of cereal and made a mess on the kitchen table.”

^ Fantastic.

fuck yeah.

excuse me while i go make some kids, brb

Reading things like this kinda makes me want kids.

^haha I said the same thing to someone at work!!

Probably not the best pick up line, Rolls.

I dunno, he seemed into it…

This is rad. We have a similar thing where we and my mum and the local coffee shop have the identical garden gnome, we move it around, take it places and have it turn up mysteriously. The little guy is convinced it is following him - in a good way :slight_smile: