Dirt Works 100/50

Anyone else interested in making a weekend out of this?

Previously the BMC 100. I have booked my 100 entry and there are still more available. Great single track up in Woodend/Wombat State Forest.

Cross category??

Link to event? #1 Google hit for "Dirt Works 100/50 " is this thread!

Ahh, you mean this?

7/11/10. $130… sounds like a BV ‘challenge’ ride.

Am I able to ride the course before the event?
Yes, the course is accessible to be ridden before the event. We do however ask that you register your ride with Russell Eckersely at Woodend Cycles so we can monitor the usage of the area. Russell will provide you with a map and give you some pointers on where all the hot spots are.


Yep that is the one. No BV ‘challenge’ ride though, good fun single track and forestry road mountain biking.

I was referring more to the high entry fee and ‘order your ugly event jersey now’ aspect

If it’s anything like the Woodend Golf course it’ll be feckin’ hard work.

Woodend is the only golf course I’ve ever played/heard of that has a rope tow between holes…

The riding n Woodend is awesome, seriously fun.