Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross Series 2011

TJ winning at flyers once again…

So pumped, will be racing open and CX this season. Not on bmx’s in either.

your fans are already disappointed.

I love my fans but I love riding around without back and knee problems more.

I’ll plan some shenanigans though.

how much? and what are the requirements to obtain a 3 race license?



there’s more news forthcoming on this matter, but until then i will direct you here:

Dirty Deeds Urban CX: Licensing.

Munts on ergo forthcoming in preparation for this.
(No updates though Sime.)

thanks mate

Night time Prologue. I love it.

Re: night time prologue. Sounds like a sick idea. One question. Might be a tad hard to answer. How’s the lighting at the Harrison St Velodrome? Never seen any racing there at night. I’m asking from a photography perspective. I’d assume it’d be rather bright, if only from a safety point of view, yes? It’s probably best for me to go down there at some point and check it out for myself. But hey, no harm in asking, right?

No harm at all. It’s very bright when the lights are on. You’ll have no need for a flash even. We guarantee it.

Finally someone gets it!

im pretty sure this was brendans idea, and it is brilliant. i have added a couple of touches to it, which will hopefully up the awesome factor. it will be a great way to start the season.

BYO beers

As someone who’s photographed track racing at HSV under lights, you most definitely will need a flash unless you have a high end body that can get decent results at ISO6400++.

well, i definitely have a high end body…

Serious lols

Anyway, what’s the cheapest way of being able to do the 3 races AND the prologue?

Hmm, interesting. Is there night racing on there during the week that I could pop down to before Dirty Deeds and test things out?

no, but you should probably defer to blakey on this one. given i don’t ever take photos anywhere, in any light.

dylzorg, be patient on this one. we are talking with CSV to try to work something out. they have a vested interest; their own CX race is scheduled for october. it should be rad.