Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross Series.

Nik’s pretty busy atm, so it looks like it’s falling to me to post this:

Dirty Deeds Urban CX

oh yeah, you’re excited alright.

And you might notice that it’s already in the calendar.

i did. i also noticed that in the calendar the last date is wrong.

Anyone have a spare bike that i could use in this? 59 or there abouts :slight_smile:

Brendan how can I get on board for a 3 race license?

So if I’m brakeless fixed w/knobbies do I get to race with the guys on regular cx bikes or will I get booted into some novelty category along with BMXers and clown bikes? Either way, I’ll be there.

I am unable to post a reply on the blog, but I will need a 3 ride permit.


novelty category along with BMXers

hmmm… but out the 86’ diamondback?

i’m going to go out on a limb and say that you’d ride in the CX bikes category. though you may win a prize in the ‘inappropriate bike’ contest.

anyone who needs a 3-ride permit can tell me here if they can’t sign on to the blog. two on the blog + two here = 4 so far.

I want to ride. But won’t. I’ll come watch and laugh at people falling over.

I need a 3-ride permit too.

I as well.

Will need a 3 ride as well.

Ok, put me down for a 3 ride permit as well.

that’s 8.

you may realize that i’m posting the numbers here instead of writing them down. that way nik and i can both see them!

Does this give me an excuse to build a cross bike? Or will I just fix up my bmx?
Either way, I’m in, and I’ll need a 3 ride permit.


9! 9 three ride permits!

Its cool to just do one race, (last one prob) I’m guessing? Gotta get bike building and training

yes. however, you will still need a licence of some sort. and a three ride permit is our minimum.

the 3-ride permit, however, is permitted at any CA-affiliated event. so you could also race track or road on it.

There’s at least 10 rat kids that cruise the darebin creek trail and parklands on their dodgy chinese-mini-dirt bikes frequently, if they get a whiff you might get 10 more entries/gate crashers.
Doing the cobbles in the car park as part of the course there? Short but pretty rough and teeth chattering. Any creek crossing too?
And i also may attend… If i have a bike by at least the 2nd race, so chuck me down as a maybe =P . Entering on the day possible?