Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross Series.

I’m in for at least the first race- fixed and no brakes will be the call, any suggestions on some good tyres?

course design is a secret. you may, of course, enter on the day.

i strongly advise people not to attempt to ride their fixie at this race. the course will not be designed to be fixie-friendly. if you have not spent a lot of time riding fixed on the trails (a la angry), don’t rock up fixed. you will endanger someone else. the organizers reserve the right to not let people ride based on any damn reason they see fit.

helmets are also compulsory. no helmet, no ride.

Actually Brendan I’m probably getting a six month license this week for tarck racing, so that will cover the cx races yes? Making the three race permit unnecessary?

yes. i’m happy to hear the six month licences are out - they are much friendlier to the wallet. a six month licence is exactly the same as a year licence, so you are fine.


Hey! 6 month license! That sounds awesome, it would make me race at DISC, AND I could come and try CX!

Converting my shitter for this, anyone tip me a good gear ratio? currently 49t chainring, 18t freewheel, i know i’m gonna have to change it up.

Drop your chainring down to around 42

Will do, thanks. Will a bashguard be necessary?

yes, as i intend to attempt to bash you.

Well my bikes sorted and ill prob a starter for the 2nd and 3rd race, so put me down for a 3 ride license

Im in. Any excuse to build another bike. Its a good thing i got my licence sorted on Tuesday :slight_smile:

i was wondering what you were doing down there…

we saw you roll up brendan but didn’t get the chance to say hi!

Haha sorry i didn’t say hi, it looked like you were on (semi)official duties. Can’t wait to put myself and the Roberts through its paces on Sunday.

yeah, i was a bit flat out. scoring points races is kinda tricky. but it’s great to see more and more folks rolling up.

I will be sure to attach it to my helmet then :confused:

This is going to be an awesome series,
good job boys.

sasha want’s to race, sasha is not fit, sasha has spent too much time running a bike shop and has only started riding (seriously) again, sasha want’s to know how long the course is, and if there’s any hope in getting fitness levels up in time to be able to actually finish said course in time for the first one (sasha knows that she’ll be alright for the second one) sasha will need a 3 ride license, sasha likes speaking about herself in third person (actually it’s the first time she’s done this) FIRST BURN TOWN RACE (series) SHE’S HELLA EXCITED ABOUT!! nice work boys

Hell yes!


The next three you could make them country themed,for instance
Mongolia,where you place random yaks on the course,Peru=llamas,
australia=drop bears etc!