Dirty Gold Pake

My new rig!

Pake diry gold steel frame

*Velocity B43 rims- polished by hand, soooo much hard work
*SR Royal Cranks- again polished
*Campy seat post- yep polished
*Crap peddals
*San Marco Rolls saddle
*Bars from a bike i found in front of 'Sprocket Jockey"s house that had been ran over by a car.
*salsa bar tape
*And a shimano airo brake with clear pads. (due to a near poo my pant experience running brakeless).

Looks really sick man!

only thing to improve it is some risers and the loss of the brake that would look sweeeet!.

which city will we see it roll around?

Looks good!
The proportions are really nice- seatpost has the right height for once! And the B43’s are overkill, but work too.

Gold Coast.

Oh i forgot about the rear tyre. It is an old Michelin World tour 700x28c. Dead as it gets but skids for ever.

Nice little build you’ve done there, any chance of a better quality photo?

what you talking 'bout we all know high seat posts and long stems FTW!

well maybe except in this case.

i’ve had a few of those but i have no mounts for brakes on my forks so it’s a HTFU kinda set up and try and avoid nasty hills around schools at 9am in the morning!!!

thats a pretty nice pake you have there
i have one in black just waiting on a wheel set to arive for riding when the weather is too shity for my tarck bike

Very nice would like to see some better quality shots.

nice, i like the way the gumwall tyre on the back works with the frame colour

Update with the “Honka!”. :wink: