Dirty Gran Fondo / SUNDAY 20TH MAY 2012 / Wandong, Victoria

Welcome to the Dirty Gran Fondo 2012. In this mass participation event you can either ride or race, its up to you. The course follows through the scenic Mt Disappointment state forest over 90kms with plenty of undulating and ever changing road terrain. There is NO single track, but that’s not why you’re here. Its an event for the masses. Never been off road before, want something more exciting than a road race or do you just want to enjoy a fully supported ride with friends and family. The Dirty Gran Fondo is all of the above.

It’s a race within a ride and what bike will be the winner. Entry is according to the bike you choose to ride. Choose either 26”, 29” wheels or Cyclo Cross. Prizes for first 5 across the line and top 3 in each category for Open Men and Open Women. Choose your ride and join us a the Dirty Grand Fondo.

Wandong, Victoria

2012 Dirty Grand Fondo


No 650B category?

Or single speed? Or unicycle? Or recumbent?

But serious about the ss category though. Seriously.


Oh, and 63XC.

how technical is the course, ie just dirt roads? or trails that you couldnt really take a road bike on?

cant really find any info on the site

lol @ mentions of Italian ex-pros on that home page spiel - unless of course they have actually lined F. Moser and company up to ride Melbourne’s outer northern suburbs.

Colour me curious anyway, might be a good hit-out before DDCX starts again in earnest.

this looks fun, i want to do it.

It’s on like donkey kong those big hill guys put on a good event.

Can I give it a go on a brakeless fixie?

james if your in im in!

so it’s settled then. If we get Steve in, and maybe another, we can do some sweet pull turning.

dave would normally be my first suggestion but the whole kid thing, maybe get adrian out on his MTB, nikcee? come on boys who’s got a cross bike that needs some riding?

EDIT. people you will need a mtba license or you can get a day license for this event when you sign up but its and extra $20
any one know the cost and cheapest club to upgrade their CA licence with?

Whoa, take that Duggan.

Yeah, I’ll be a no-show. The little’un is due right about that time.

I’m definitely in as well, I’ll have to decide whether or not to ride a 29er MTB or the CX. If I hear a report that the tracks are decent I’ll go with the CX, if they’re all rutted out and nasty then it’ll be the MTB. If unknown, going CX.

registering my interest in this cycling occasion.

as stated elsewhere - MTBA upgrades to a CA license are $50.

its very likely ill be on the CX. it’d have to be pretty rutted/wet for me to think about the MTB given there is no singletrack.

fuck man, you’re priorities are all wrong.

someone has given me a ciclocross bike so i should be able to do this, will see if any other local non meat eaters are interested

hey, alexb618 can ride with us! I wonder if he is fast? I imagine he is, but he will say he is not, and we will only realise the truth when he starts riding very fast, and i imagine gene at some point after that will yell something very loudly, and i will laugh.

nah i am slow, wont be pulling monster turns with you queers thats for sure

the lies already begin! well, this is exciting.