Putting new cranks on my ride only to find a decent crack on the underside of the chain stay.
Now on the look out for a 54cm track frame.
Pretty annoyed, but also glad that I found it now, and not when I’m lying on the tarmac.

bit of weld would fix that up.

wanna sell it?

I’d sooner want to get it repaired.

Can anyone give me a ballpark figure I’d be looking at to get it done?

Call Paconi, they can do a chainstay replacement.

Paconi recently quoted me $80ish to repair a chainstay (i think they could tig weld that crack although such a repair may be both unsightly and not terribly permanent)
or $200 to replace a chainstay, BYO chainstay but that was a columbus max frame so YMMV
your chanistay looks fairly standard but if you need to get in a repacement ceeway.com worked OK for me (~$55 for a pair of max chainstays landed in aus)

Just gave them a call.

Given the description, he said the best solution is to weld it back together rather than replace the stay.
He said once repaired it should be very robust, and no durability issues. over the phone quote came to $60. Looks like that’s the avenue I’ll be taking.

Cheers guys.

pity it’s gonna ruin that sweet paintjob though :-\

Form follows function

Yeah I’m devastated that the fine aesthetics are going to be tainted.
On closer inspection it looks like the stay is a bit rusted… I’ll leave it up to the guys at Paconi to decide if it can be rescued, but I’m starting to feel skeptical.

Yer it seems to be an easy fix, just curious though, do many of the guys here use Grip Sports for frames repairs, or is Paconi a prefered place for track frames?