Disc 22/07/07 early morning

Is there regular training on at DISC on Sundays?

From what time can you go down there and ride

It costs about $10, Yes or No?


I think by prior arrangement with Joe you can do a come and try session for $10 if you aren’t a club member. If you are a member of Brunswick club you can go on Sundays from about 8am to 10:30 or 11.

Others here will have more accurate info. NDF? Lats?

is Sunday the 22nd…?

but, yes… to regular Brunswick Club training on Sundays
… contact Joe for a introductory “have a go session” he is super friendly
… should be about $10
… get yourself a “ride it” or “Race” licence, and rock along each Sunday (which I must start doing again soon… lazy)
… go for coffee and giant donuts afterwards and talk bike…

D’oh, 22nd (thanks Pete)

Is Joe with Brunswick or with DISC? E-mail Joe or phone him?

Andy pluggen something, though no date. I’ve had a couple of months away from disc. Turned up this Sunday with a mate who hadn’t been there before. Joe spent the time with him to help. We was doing sprints with everyone else.

Give him a buzz 0417088551

I wouldn’t wait for Andys come try it day as it’ll be packed. Sundays at present seems to have between 10-20 people there. Going by what was said when I asked if it was a small group this sunday - No, this is about average.

Its a blast.

Can’t remember the last time I had my legs up at 160 trying to sprint though :wink:

Come to chandler Velodrome in BNE.

Its only $3.

How far is that from Melbourne CBD?

So Craig… Are you coming this Sunday?