Disc 26" rim with grey anodized finish?

Trying to find a good, solid but light rim for my next 26" wheel build.
I’d be keen to have a rim in something other than black- anyone know of any options?
DT Swiss road rims are often available in grey but sadly not their disc.

Velocity Blunt SL in ano bronze or ano ti grey?

Oh yeah, forgot about Velocity.
I guess like everyone I’ll have to consider the ZTR Stans rims too…

Why wouldn’t you go stans and tubeless?

I know, everybody raves about them. In fact I don’t think I’ve had a single conversation about MTB wheels without someone saying ‘Stans are awesome’.

The rims are meant to be slightly fragile though.

Nope, the current ones have a thicker spoke bed. You’re all good.

Stans Crest? Sounds too good to be true at 340grams:

ZTR Crest 26" - 32 Hole Black
Size 26" x 24.4mm
Color Black
Hole # 32
Brakes Disc
Weight 340g
ISO 559 x 21
ERD 541
Tape Width 21 or 25mm