disc brakes and polo

Open question to the polo peeps,

are disc brakes a hazard for polo, ei a nice blade for your fingers to get cut up by? are they ok or not good for polo?

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I don’t use them. Locky does and hasn’t had a problem (apart from slightly bent rotors sometimes). The only person I have seen injured by them in Sydney was me when I came off the bike and the back of my head smashed into Locky’s wheel. Just a small cut (which was avoidable if I had been wearing a helmet)…

More people seem to use them in Melbourne so they must be safe :slight_smile:

not an essay but all that I have to say on the subject.

Doesn’t that freak player from South (the guy who got his lip smashed by Virginia’s team player/boyfriend?, really nice guy who I’ve forgotten the name of, but he’s lovely) when we had the tourni in Brisbane?

It’s a purple/blue special order frame with disks on the back covered by a sweet cage???

Check commuter Cycles website

Here you go!
Hand-built Custom Polo Bicycle | Commuter Cycles

I’ve got a rear disc, really need to get around to making a guard for it but it has been good so far, only needed a bit of truing after the worlds

Oh so that’s you and your bike I was talking about?

no that is Damon. I dont have a guard on mine, also my bike is white/black

Also running a single rear disc on mine with no guard. Haven’t played in a tourney on this bike. Standard 160mm rotor. Could get away with a smaller rotor and braking is more than I need for polo.

cool, we are just a little concerned about one guys bike its a mountain bike with front and rear disc brakes, not fussed on lossing fingers

Locky is not my boyfriend!!! He is my team mate :slight_smile:

Oh ok. Sorry.

I’ve never run disc’s in the past, but depending on what sort of screw mounts are there, you may be able to use an old rotor as a guard. See below.

that’s amazing, i think a DIY version is in order.

Looks dangerous. Its like the cage around the fan, but with like 99% less bars.

Hey, that blue one’s my bike! Damon borrowed it while I was making his. He took it to Berlin, London & then Brisbane. The guard is possibly smaller than you’re imagining Lorday. For scale, the disc is only ∅140mm. The main intent of the guard is more to prevent damage to the disc and prevent the sharp periphery from slashing faces etc… Uncovered spokes are as dangerous as the spokes of a brake disc, and there are plenty of those about, so I hope you’re wearing gloves. The disc guard also allows removal of wheel without taking the guard off, unlike the geekhouse example (sorry Brad, it’s true). Vive, who everyone should be afraid of on the court, opted not to get disc guards on his bike, but I put mounts in the right places anyway. In the mean time, look out for his swerving, lefty, razor disc slicing action.

In future, I’m also thinking about making a moulded plastic guard – trail bike style – that would be hideously ugly but cheap, universal and oh-so-safe.

There was also an awesome aluminium guard on a German dude’s bike in Seattle. That might be worth repeating at some stage given enough time on a laser cutter.

Are you sure locky’s not your bf V?

oh yeah, and in response to the original question mr Jerk.
I’ve had no problem except for once a tyre got lodged between spokes and disc guard ==> rotor remained straight. Also, when whale slapping chocky rob before the 3-2-1-Joust, I’ve been glad to have a guard on occasion as that shit can get mighty savage. I would def have a bent disc.
I’ve also never seen the imagined brake disc face slicing on other people’s exposed rotors, so it therefore must be impossible.

Vive has both front and back disc brakes with a dual pull brake lever, very effective braking… No guards yet, they’re being built by Scott

Vive is left handed so in the picture his front disc is on the RHS. This is so when he’s in goals, it’s on the inside

Scott made his own bike pictured above, Damon’s and also Vive’s bike… I’m next in the queue :smiley:

Scott builds hand made bikes for Polo called the Whiskey
Symes Cycles

Found this on Urbanvelo

Found this on Urbanvelo