DISC fun...

Does anyone know the deal with taking your bike down to the Darebin Velodrome and having a bit of a punt? I’ve been a couple of times on thursday (?) nights, but i dont know what the go is with being a club member or anything like that. As far as i know you need to be a club member to be a Cyclesport Vic member in order to get insurance for riding there… or something?

Thursday night is a made house, your best bet is Tuesday with Brunswick Cycling Club. You will need to have a CA licence to race . Get down there early (5pm) and talk to Warren about sorting a licence out.

DISC is out for action for cycling until after the games. I did not know that lawn bowls involved track cycling, apparently it does now.

Better tell Rhino. I think Track Lawn Bowls Trials is about to be invented.

Trackbike lawn bowls…One please!

I can hear it now: “And Rhino rolls up to the green, locks up his legs sending his rear end in a slight fish-tail but manages to retain control and launches a lovely pitch towards the jack!”