Disc hubs

I want to run my scrambler fixed, 26" with a disc brake on the front so I can do wicked barspins all day but still be a sensible boy. So I’ll get me a colossi fork with some disc mounts on it and that’ll be swell.

BUT I am clueless about what hubs to run on it. The fork has BMX dropouts. I want to run bolt up hubs because QR is silly, but I don’t know my options too well when it comes to these things. Can anyone suggest a bolt-up disc front hub for me? Ideally it’ll be a set, with a disc mount on the rear as well as track threading. If this exists, please tell me, I love you. Thank you, xoxo.

plenty of options for the front, just depends how much you want to spend. xt hubs are pretty cheap and you can get bolt up axles.
rear will be a fair bit trickier, I’m not aware of any 120mm disc hubs, although you can get a screw on disc adapter for a normal double sided hub.

I should mention: 3/8th axle on the front plz.

Yeah, the good option is XT front hub, M756, but they run a 10mm, not 9mm front axle.
Wheels Manufacturing make a 10mm solid cromo axle but you’ll need to cut it down.
Most LBS should have or can get these.

Hope do a 9mm ‘bolt thru’ option for their front disc hub.
I’ve run this with a 9mm solid cromo axle and track nutz. It’s a bit weird as when you undo one side you can pull the solid axle through the hub.
Otherwise look at trials front hubs: Expressive Bikes - Hubs

From all accounts these are oversize axles that are internally threaded for a 6mm bolt or QR skewer.
I’ve got a DMR Revolver that’s like this and seems ok.

Don’t about rear hub with disc.

I have been on the lookout for exactly this as well. Paul hubs have an option for a bolt on axle. not cheap though.

white industries have a rear option, but not a front.

The Surly ‘New hub’ is 100mm with bolt up axle and sealed bearings.
I have one on my 1x1 and it rides fine. Some people have bitched that the adjustment
on the angular, sealed bearings isn’t as good as cup’n’cone or a non-adjustable seal bearing.
I haven’t had this problem.

The ‘Ultra New hub’ is like the DMR from what I can tell.
Has a QR type axle that is threaded for a 6mm bolt.
Blurb is here.
Ultra New Hubs | Parts | Surly Bikes

I might still have a 32H DMR disc hub that I haven’t laced into a wheel and might be interested in selling.