disc joinup

last sunday was ladies day at disc and i took mel and she loooooved it. she thought the atmosphere was super friendly and layed back. for ladies day they rocked out the fleet of new hillbrick training bikes. reasonably stiff alluminium frames with formular hubs.

anyway we asked to join up ($45 recreational membership) and they said yeah come along next sunday and we’ll get yer goin!

so looks like i’m trading my saturday nite silliness for sunday morning boardsfest.

i get the feeling they’d like to see us all down there cause they got pretty excited when so many ladies turned up last sunday. :idea:


You won’t regret it.

I was really surprised at how many women there were - I counted at least 30.

Pete and I will be there this Sunday too so when you see a shifterbikes jersey come and say hello.


Why didn’t I know about this earlier?

You were too busy getting drunk.

…and talking to women.

Just as well.

I suppose turning up to DISC with a hangover, camera and no bike on a ladies day could be poor form.

That would definately be poor form.

And very unlike you to be with no bike.

That bike is probably feeding on your blood through your feet.

Which is no doubt why it occured to me :wink: