DISC this Tuesday

Hey All,

I was hoping to head to DISC this Tuesday (between 5 and 7?) for the first time! I was just wondering if anyone would be around to show me the ropes (how NOT to fall off…) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Better to come on a Sunday morning.
A bit mor casual with coaches on hand.

Cool, sounds good! I think I’m going to head down just to check it out tomorrow anyhow.

Yeah definately go on sunday. It is really relaxed and really cruisy. I went for the first time on Sunday. People are really friendly and give you a bit of advice. It costs about $10 if your not a brunswick member and if you dont have a bike you can just hire one at no extra cost.

See you Tuesday.

Or Wednesday - the Carnegie mob run a session at DISC on Wednesday nights from 6, beginners welcome. Somewhere on http://www.carnegiecycling.com.au/ there are details.

Yay! Finally it’s not raining so I can get to DISC without my bike getting wet :slight_smile: Anyone else heading down for the training session tonight??


yeah i might head over a bit early to get some laps in… see you there. Looking forward to riding the boards with you!