DISC : Tuesday Night Fun

Tuesdays are totally rocking out with Brunswick CC at DISC. This week, Corey took out the C-grade scratch in his first race!

It’s a really fun night out, with a great group of riders and an excellent atmosphere. Anyone curious about getting into track racing - come along and say hi, hang out down in the pits or just cheer for your favourite muppet :slight_smile:

Followed by ginger beer and $4 pizza at the (now) smoke-free bimbos - gold.

…and I notice some bloke by the name of ‘n.frazer’ (sic) getting second in the B Grade motopace?!

Shit, I want my Kenevans finished already!

It was sooooooooo much fun :slight_smile:

Even when I wasn’t riding it was still nice to come and cheer the boys/girls on foam over some of the rides !