Disc wheels on the street?? + another question

Running a disc wheel on the street makes you a Muppet? I’ve seen a bloke four maybe five times near mine(Bulimba in brisbane) and he’s got a “disc” wheel on his geared bike - on closer inspection it’s actually corflute (real estate agent sign board) zip tied to his rear wheel… That’s got to have no purpose at all right?

Now the other question

Is there some benefit in having bikes rightside drive? Did the international cycling community just have some gentlemens agreement; We will have the chain and sprokets on the righthand side of the bike! It actually surprises me greatly that there isn’t 14,000 different threads, shapes and sizes of things like BB’s.

could that have been rhino with the real estate board disc?

i think its a top idea, to get off topic and philosophical for a moment, that type of thing is EXACTLY whats missing in this whole scene these days… too many NJS this and polished that, NOS bar tape, colour matched valve caps and not enough people having fun with backyard stuff making its way onto bikes!

Hooray for non-richy types who are having a go, down with $1500 asking prices for “fixxies”

conventionally (right hand) threaded freewheels stay on hubs better on RHD bikes
There’s more than enough standards for bike parts to give you quite a nice headache if you want :smiley:

i miss bulimba

cant really commenton the drive side idea, havent eally given it much thought to be honest.

With the disc idea, we have pics in our LBS of the original shop owner racing (crit) back in the 80’s with what at first looks like a disc, and I thought u must be f#cking joking, but it is actually one of those FLY? DISCS, basically a cover for the spokes, and they are able to plaster ads all over it.

Generally though, I would have thought DISC’s have their place.

Tioga Tension Disc

Late 80’s, early 90’s…Go Tomac

I guess if it works use it.

That Tioga wheel is whacky looking. Is it a MTB wheel?

I don’t have one but I think the whole tri-spoke/quad spoke front wheel thing is pretty cool to look at. Would probably get assassinated for running one.

Yep MTB. Tioga Tension discs’s were laced with kevlar fibre cord, with a plastic like contact on the outside. (Lupine might set me straight on this). They flexed from side to side like a mutha’ fucker. They are strictly collectors stuff now. John Tomac used to mtb race with 'em “back in the day”.

Queensland is about the only state where you’d be allowed to run a tri-spoke/Arrospoke front wheel. Seeing as most the cyclists up there are Tri-fags or Rhino…

I wouldn’t run a Aero’ up here - cause Rhino would probably show up while I was riding it and destroy me or Lupine would incinerate me with a burning cup of spite from the idea alone… Still it’d be a sweet upgrade…

I’m very uncool though. I don’t run a Vintage fix :frowning: I’m one of those Hipster wankers that rides a Langster…

mate, you are a bit honest for your own good!

Meh, Why Lie.

Down the track I’ll look at a Surly Steamroller or something like that. But it’s my first fixie.

if you were willing to spend a little bit of cash and get a new drive train setup several BMX brands have a LHD option for their hubs and cranks.

the purpose of this being that the sprocket on the RHS can get in the way if you are grinding on the right.

As i ride BMX left foot foward and peg grind (when i ever do run them) on the left my RHS sprocket has never been an issue.

look for companies like Odyssey BMX, Profile Racing, Demolition and Primo for these products.

I’m not sure how fixxed compatible it would be with standard RHS threaded hubs and lock rings, anyone?

On Sheldon Brown’s site are pics of a Left side drive build he’s done (just to be wacky).

see: to https://sheldonbrown.com/org/gunnar-index.html

and Sheldon Brown's Gunnar Street Dog Fixed-gear Bicycle

no discussion of the merits or otherwise

Thread direction…?

Slightly OT: I’ve seen pics of people running suicide LHD, because running suicide RHD can loosen the cog under load when stopping. Running it LHD will loosen under load whilst peddling but van be re-tightened by braking.

So thread direction counts! Think - BEFORE - you post badger!

Right-handed threads came about after right-drive side. The first freewheels would either unscrew, or not work at all until this was fixed.

Rear disk wheels are old skool.

I corfluted my front wheel, and painted the tyres pink.

Now thats cool

I’m one of those Hipster wankers that rides a Langster…

i woundn’t worry too much about that, any true hipster is already sneering at fixed wheelers.
some peps were worried that fixed riding was heading the way of skating and surfing
(becoming way to commercialized and pop), when i cruise past a skate park i still see kids trying their shit just like i did 20 years ago and just like some other kid did years before me, it hasn’t lost any value to those who love it.
build a bike that makes YOU moist and ride it like a king.

my crack at LHD, for giggles, which I rode at L’eroica last year.

Disc wheels are fine, as long as they are track specific and you are fond of gluing tubulars in the middle of nowthere, getting your hands covered in glue when you’re in a hurry.