discarded U-locks

This has been bugging me…

What’s up with all the discarded U-locks fixed to posts and bike racks all over Melbourne? Do people leave U-locks in places they like to park so they don’t have to carry them? Or does every lonely U-lock represent a stolen bike? I can’t think of any other reason people would leave behind a perfectly good lock…

I strategically leave my U-lock and other miscellaneous cable locks at work/campus etc so I don’t have to lug around 1kg of steel around with me everywhere. I’ve sometimes forgotten about them and come back a year later to find it in the same place…

With a $120 u lock, I don’t leave it anywhere.

I leave mine at work on the bike rack, saves me carrying to and from. Plus when it’s at home I don’t need to lock it up. I did see a bike rack near the crnr of elizabeth and latrobe, that had a few front wheels u-locked to the rack, but the rest of the bike was gone. If the bike is nicked why not keep the lock? They seemed to have just abandon it? Now the rack is full of bike parts u-locked to the rack, making it useless.

but what if you need to park your bike outside a shop or something? I mean, you can’t get away with not carrying a lock most of the time… unless you have like 50 locks strategically placed around your town lol

I have a Ulock attached to a bike rack on Swanston street.
I put it there as a ‘just incase’ lock, but I have no idea where the key for it is, so it’ll probably stay there forever. Its been there for almost 4 years now.

This is genius, going to start distributing my shitty locks around uni and the city. Forgetting a lock is definitely in my top 3 most inconvenient mistakes.

I had a housemate that had a whole bunch of locks across the city… pretty much everyplace he frequented had a lock of his outside it… he was a unique individual.

Yeah I have two U-locks locks … one heavy chunky old thing always locked at uni, and a Kryptonite Mini that I take with me when I’m going anywhere else. Has worked well for me for some time.

what about when you lock your bike? do you just stand there and look at it?

I have a suspicion a few of them may be the result of the Melbourne City Council collection of the abandoned bikes that litter our streets. Alot of the bikes with kicked in wheels etc. stay for a while then disappear. A lot of the locks left are of the D-lock or solid steel construction and council workers simply cant be arsed and cut the bike instead.

What?! Lock my bike with it? I just carry it around with me in my back pocket as a fashion accessory…

I have a friend who leaves two at uni, seen plenty of locks around Adelaide too

It would be pretty cool if melbourne council supplied fixed locks on bike racks around the city, then no one would have to carry locks when they commute into the city…

How would it work? organization of the keys would be a bitch to start with. The paper work etc involvibg using a key, then they would get lost etc. Prob be more trouble than it was worth. But then, I am an idiot, maybe there is a simple solution I’m just not seeing…

maybe a similiar idea to what some shopping centres have with trolleys… Put a two dollar coin in and you get the key out and your bike is locked. when you return you put the key in > unlock the bike > get your $2 back.

guess the big problem is people may lose the key or not return it and that lock would then be useless

I was thinking combination locks, welded at one end to a pole so they can’t be stolen. The combination would have to be easily reset by each cyclist when they park their bike.

I think the main issue would be city council avoiding liability in the event that someone cuts a lock and steals a bike =/

Still, I can’t see any major reason why it wouldn’t work. Wouldn’t be that expensive either…

How do most people carry there u-locks, when commuting ? im assuming you dont use those ugly brackets that attach to your frame, as no ones bikes in the post your ride section have those. someone said the put it through there belt loops on there pants ?

I stick my evo mini in my back pocket so everyone knows I’m legit. That’s only when I’m doing the run around in the city though, most of the time I keep it in a special extra-large messenger bag specially designed to carry my u-lock and a pair of shoes that I can actually walk in.

This thread’s actually inspired me to leave a lock outside my local. Unfortunately I can’t afford another lock at the moment, so I hope the inspiration remains for at least another year or so.

I reckon you will find room in your bag.