discarded U-locks

yeah, mine just goes in my bag… easily fits. only negative to it, that there is that much more weight in my bag (along with all the books for school and the likes) but its not that much of an issue

If we leave a lock in certain areas the grounds staff will grind them up, I have NO idea why but if I rode to uni and my $100 lock was missing I would shit my pants

Hopefully my new Kryptonite mini lock will be able to be stashed in my back pocket without hindering me too much.

i have mine around the seatpost. that way i never forget it, as i’m a little absent minded

There are stacks of these around uni (fair enough), but I cant believe how many there are in random spots through town, on fences or light posts and stuff. Half of them are rusting indication that they have been abandoned…just need to find a master key for them all and ill be set to ride sans lock :smiley:

Bunnings is your friend. 1m of galvanized chain + good padlock, coat chain with a destroyed tube from your work. serve at your local watering hole. :slight_smile:

total cost should be about $30-40 and the chain should be long enough for those cold overnight lockups…

In the lock section there are these pre cut lengths of chain, you need >0.8m long one to easily lock a bike, the chain and lock weigh around 4kg but ideal to leave where you regularly lock your bike.