Disco in the dark

Whoever knew where the light switch was, was late to DISC tonight - so for 15mins I got to do laps in the dark - it was fantastic, Lucky there were not too many on the track or it would have been mayhem.

Although - with some rear lights it would have worked ok.

Anyone done dark velodrome riding? Is it some sort of thing that people do?

Nope, it’s just you in that club.

now you’re talking… a club! Like Pete’s idea of a madison in the dark with luminous skinsuits and reflective panels, dancers and loud musac. Although it kinda sounds like a Bacardi Rum commercial or maybe some boring scene from the lamest sci-fi series ever made. hmmn. Maybe we can workshop it at the next general meeting.

…Maybe sporting some of these http://www.fossilfool.com/down-low-glow.php

I like it.

There must be outfits involved though. See http://www.londonrollergirls.com/ for more info (or search for any combination of: roller girl demolition derby).

I’m looking forward to a future where we can have a showdown at the Museum, between the bmxKids, RollerGirls and US! And maybe throw in a few skaters, because they’ve always got video cameras to record this kind of nonsense.

But seriously: outfits.

Oh and Craig: you nubbins.

will there be a grope room at this ‘club’?

See you there…

Which rock have you been hiding under?