discovery channel jerseys

im going to get … doored for asking this. but a friend has a birthday coming up, and he’s a big cycling fan, and i wanted to get him a discovery channel cycling jersey, however i cant find one online, and my girlfriends footwork has brought up nothing, except a vague quote of $250 … anyone seen these around melbourne, for less $$? i found a couple on ebay for $99 but we need it by early next week, so it would be best if there was a store which stocked them…

cheers guys, nick.

How about another suggestion:

Episode has genuine retro cycling tops for, like $45 bucks max, and they’re much cooler than team disco wear…


I’m suprised Le Knicks don’t havem’. Their strip is made by Nike, maybe try the fuck-off-huge Nike Store in the City.

There’s a few guys who dont need their team jerseys for tomorrow. Might be worth a call :twisted:

but they’re from T-mobile dude - PINK?!

  • Joel

and your point is …???

uh, no offence mate. :lol

  • Joel

The CSC ones are nice… but how’s about ‘ocean blue’ Wurth?