Dishwasher tray / front rack

I hear this is on trend. Tips and tricks? Directions to a thread where this has already been discussed?

Cheap baskets at Kmart or Harold’s storage world.

Expensive racks from nitto, surly, soma etc

Kmart option looks way better than the howards one (looks more like a wald, comes in black) requires 10mins of hacksawing to adjust height.

I have mine cable tied to a Blackburn mtf-1 front rack.

Might have to upgrade!

This bad boy:

Or this smaller one (with handy blackboard - which is attached pretty flimsily so easy to remove, less cutting involved in this one)

the blackboard is for your daily inspo quote or hashtag.

Or your licence number if in NSW.

Well done

Attached w/ zippies? Or something more substantial?

Charles this is outrageous.

I’ve got the Kmart basket zip-tied onto a Velo Orange rando rack (haven’t ridden with this set up yet). I’ve also zip-tied it onto my Soma porteur rack with no issues. I trimmed it a bit as it was too tall. It’s flimsier than a Wald basket, but it’s only $9. Just wish it came in chrome.

Definitely a lighter gauge than a wald but should be fine for a while. As you said, 9 bucks isn’t much to replace it (and a few cable ties)

I’m a modern cyclist what can I say

There is something more substantial than zip ties?


I used hose clamps this time

How’s the handling when loaded?

Just an update on this.

Have noticed the magical kmart basket is now discontinued.

Have mounted this onto my ratty commuter on top of one of the canti-mounted $10 alloy rack, works a treat.