distance v's lycra

having a debate with some mates, thought i would widen the group. question is “At what distance to you decide to wear your lycra”. we are averaging about 10km , with one mate suiting up to go 4km to the shop.

I normally wear it every day for my 15km each way commute, but today I rode further than normal (40km round trip) but couldn’t be arsed changing into knicks.

I reckon 30k plus.

Just wear Lycra all day everyday

This. If I even think about riding a bike I put lycra on.

What do the women triathletes wear? It doesn’t look like much.

hope you have them on now watching the olympic tracks

thought the same thing

Will have a skin suit on for watching track.

Riding to the shops, no.

Riding to the pub with mates, no. Even if it’s 20km’s away and underneath my cutoffs.

Any sort of ride that resembles some sort of training. Yes.

If I cyclo-commuted, yes.

Head down bum up?

I’ll be watching in the sphinx position.

If its to ride some where eg pub or shop no,
If I’m going riding yes 4 k hell no I guess 20k Or if racing ie track.

Honestly, I am wearing them less these days, but I do ride on a brooks.

That comfortable eh? :slight_smile:
Pity they weigh 600 grams… :slight_smile:

what is lycra?

what he said, plus racing, of course

I wear lycra only when I am having a ‘big’ day downstairs.

So never.

Fucking beardo!

Road bike for any kinda ride other than a coffee or a run to the shops then … Yup Wednesday night fixed or geared then yip ( not that these acutally happen in Sydney any more :wink: