DIY Chinelli Lazer

Just saw this on Fyxo. Friggin hilarious…

laserbuildingprocess | urban modern hipster culture

Oh and its sold for over $1000 on ebay haha

Holy shit.

Since it is not a racing wheel it has a rather wide rim. I solved this by squeezing it down to 19mm in a vise

Remind me to never get this guy to build me a wheel, or anything for that matter

I think it’s a cool job. The premise for the project was to create wall art.

would probably look scratchy up close, but put it up high and most wouldn’t know

With the day I’m having now (despite my earlier “small joys”) I really needed this.
Thank you.

This is 100% awesome.

Dude can’t weld for shit!

"It has a status that is not of this world. It has everyone’s respect and is considered by some to be the Holy Grail of bikes. I have no experience in building bikes and I’ve never brazed or welded anything in my life before I started this project. "

righto mate.

But what of Warhammer

time and a place H, time and a place.

I read that, was simply commenting

40,000 years in the future? Somewhere near the Warp?

haah boom

wut? I wasn’t referring to you, just lolling at his outlook.

also, ntbd.

Someone else having a crack.

Fista Laser MkII - Pedal Room