Do all GXP BBs squeak?

The old one was squeaking terribly so I had a new one put in about a month ago. That had a slight squeak under power, but it was minor and bearable. Then last weekend I washed the bike. Now it squeaks like a dozen mice. It was covered with mud and dust so I just put it up on the stand in the backyard and hosed it down. My usual method is a bucket full of water and dish washing detergent and a toothbrush but that would have taken hours given the state it was in. Never had a problem with the Fuji but that has an FSA sealed BB.

It’s worse early in the morning when it’s cold. It wasn’t too bad coming home this afternoon. Is there any cure beyond pulling it apart and regreasing?

I’ve had two, and have ridden the first one through a bunch of terrible conditions and it was silent. The only reason I bought a new one was because the first one was pretty much stuck in a frame. I have never greased or cleaned, cleaned either. Both cost me ~$30 each. I’ve used them in steel and aluminium frames.

i’ve put over 10,000km on the current GXP in my bike. It’s been in 3 bikes now. No squeaks.

Maybe you are unlucky? I also install with stacks of grease.

Two GXP’s, no squeaks. Maybe not done as many miles as some, but don’t recall ever hosing them off either.

is it definitley the BB? jockey wheels and rear hub seals/bearings can squeak a bit sometimes

it only happens when its under power, so I can’t just put it on a stand and turn the pedals to check, but it definitely sounds like the BB

Done by the mechanic at the LBS, maybe it was a rushed job.

I had a similar issue, ie only squeaks/creaks when im mashing/out of the saddle, turned out to be the front skewers!

ha, good luck, it could be ANYTHING
I thought my bb was done due to a creaking sound. After replacing it and the creak continuing, it turned out to be dirt in the seatpost binder bolt.
i’d pull apart and clean your chainrings/chainring bolts, saddle rails/bolts and your skewers/axle bolts before replacing anything else.

and FWIW, ive had gxp bb’s on about 5 bikes (inc a few that saw multiple winters as a messenger) and none of them skipped a beat.

Ask Captain Commuter about squeak detection.

Don’t get me started…I’m living it again right now. I think my Lynskey is cursed.

^ or even clean the actual BB bearings & crank axel

regardless, it is good to help you learn to soft pedal

Yeah i dont reckon the noise is coming from the bb

So what does the fact that it’s worse when it’s cold tell me? I need one of those CSI teams.

Maybe it’s your knees?

yeh take that cheeky dust cap/seal off the bearings and clean/grease the shit out of it. Should work.

FWIW not impressed with the durability of these GXP BBs, i get about 6mths commuting out of them before the DS bearing craps out. Previous Truvativ version I had lasted heaps longer - prob better seals or something.

+1. I thought my BB developed a squeak in NZ but the first mechanic I saw straight away said ‘rear hub’.
I can’t confirm whether or not it was because he cleaned out the hub and BB at the same time.

Learn to love the squeak. Be at one with the squeak. Or get a really loud hub and drown it out with bee’s.

^ Could be like a intro to some industrial electro prog house track…

Squeak, squeak, squeak
Squeak, squeak, squeak
Squeak, squeak, squeak

Is GXP like JIS or ISO?