Do I trust this stem?

Cuts under the neck from the top of the steerer, not the best photos…

Am I going to die?

i’d be more worried if they were on the back.

Steel or Aluminium?
Either way I think it’s time to chuck it out IMO.

Probably ok but keep an eye on it (no responsibility taken…)

Considering Cinelli stems are a dime-a-dozen these days, no reason to keep it…?

Its a 3ttt, I think steel.

I saw a bloke have a major stack a few years ago in the bay series at Williamstown after his stem broke… it didnt look like a whole lotta fun at all!!

If it’s steel it’s no great worry but i doubt it’s steel.
Unless it’s steel.

is it in any way worth the risk?
i’ve got a good friend who missed out on dying by less than 5mm from breaking a stem when he should have JUST tossed it and spent $80 on a good quality new one.
it broke, he fell forward and the broken stump gashed his throat.
nicked the artery, missed slicing it in half by less than 5mm, and he still nearly bled out before we got him airlifted out.
so, bin the fucking thing and get a new one.
or hang it on the wall and get a new one.
or sit on the bench and ponder what could have been, but get a new one.
oh, and just in case you miss the point, GET A NEW ONE!!!