Do it all bike shoe

Hey dude burgers!

My bday is coming up - which means I get a present from the wife. This year I have decided to get some cycling shoes because the ones I have now are falling apart and creaking when I ride which pisses everyone off who I am riding with.

I don’t want to go Specialized again because they aren’t as durable as I would like them to be as you can see by the below pics (current and previous shoes shown - first pic I have shoved a yellow sock to show the holes). I don’t really have an idea of what is out there at the moment. For everyones info, I use the shoes for commuting, road riding, mountain biking, sitting at cafés and pubs and also the rare CX race. I also have a pretty wide foot.

Any ideas on what would be a good shoe out there at the moment?

I have been using the Giro Privateer for 2 years now doing all the above… only just starting to show wear after returning from NZ.
Would recommend assuming they have fixed the buckle issue (which I’m pretty sure is the case)

Giro is a model that i am pretty keen to look into - I just need to find somewhere that stock them in Canberra.

That’s some well used shoes right there. Recently I bought these Shimano SH-M163 and they’re OK, but would be a bit too bulky for road use (nothing beats a nice pair of light comfy road shoes for long rides on the road IMO). They’re very comfy and well made though, and I find them surprisingly light.

Certainly not as classy as those privateers suggested above. I was in a hurry and the Shimanos were cheap (last years’s model) so I went for them.

Sidi are great if you get the mid-higher end models. Very good durability.
My next mtb shoe is going to be Northwave i reckon

I am also keen on this - need new shoes do to everything just like Ezy - except cafes & rarely pubs.

currently leaning towards the Privateer or the shimano M200:

lake and northwave are apparently excellent for the wide of foot.

lake in particular look nice…

I’ve seen some pretty damn good bargains on Lake shoes in Wiggle recently.

I am riding using mid-range Louis Garneau XC shoes at the moment, not only have i worn the soles almost completely down, but they are too hard and offer no grip at all. Also I don’t want to get velco only retainers, would prefer laces with covers or laces velcro combo.

My old Sidis were fantastic, so comfortable.

The lake shoes look good - Northwave a bit to garish.

I’ve got sidi dominator 5-Pro mtb shoes. I like em.

I’m looking to get some because it’s either them or Shimano available in my size (49 wide). How are the for walking in? not too stiff?

Was talking about shoes the other day, noting that its hard to no get great value. I love my shimanos and both pairs are not even close to wearing out after a couple of years. Stiff soles mean road riding is a cinch, though makes a long walk hard. I am thinking about getting some mx100 lakes to ride to and from uni. Would be a great commute and hiking/biking combo shoe. But the bottom line is, pay a heap, pay a little, both will be a bargain when working out dollars per hour of fun.

Lots of info re: Giro shoes here:

Nikcee, as you know I’ve tried nearly every brand of shoe… Northwaves have changed their last and they are not wide anymore. I had to send mine back. Lake do look nice but they don’t make a wide fit in my size.

Ezy, I’ve those the same shoes as you! Mine won’t die because I never wear them enough but when they do and when I’m not so broke, I’m getting some Giros. I managed to try some on in my size, and despite the internet saying they are bad for wide feet and me having really wide feet, the shape of them actually worked for me.

I have no idea what’s good, but in terms of fit, I’ve tried six brands including different models of the same brand and there are so many inconsistencies. Cycling shoes are dumb and hurt my feet.

+1 for the Privateers. I use them for road riding, CX and went touring with them for 2 weeks in NZ without any issues. I ride flat pedals on the MTB but I guess they would do just perfect. They are actually the most comfortable shoe I own and that includes my street shoes. The also come in a wide version. Get half a size up from your street shoes with them btw.

Anyone tried the bont mtb shoes? - the riot version look good although its unclear if they come in a wide version (which my flippers need).

Needed for CX primarily.

Giro Gauges have served me well for the past three years. Love the fit. Will definately replace them with more Giros - maybe Privateers next time. Would buy terraduros if didn’t race CX and want screw-in toe spikes

Gauges are like Sidis - similar narrow fit and slippery as fark on wet pavement.

So no Giro stockists in Canberra. What the heck.

I wouldn’t go near the Northwaves, I’ve had 2 pairs and although they are comfy/hard wearing outers, the ratchet buckles are rubbish. I’ve broken 3 now all non-drive side and they are expensive to replace($45).

I’ve resorted back to the old Sidi Eagles that I had prior to the Northwaves, I also have a set of LG Keiras, Mavic Furys? and a relacement set of Eagles in the wardrobe ready to go but the old Sidis just won’t die, commute everyday and mtb one day of the w/e .