do people rate these things?

are they worth it?

Park Tool CG-2 Chain Gang Bike Cleaning System New NIB | eBay

I find they make too much mess for what they are worth.

Cyclingtips had a good post recently on cleaning/degreasing - The Best Degreaser? and more here Bike Wash Zen

Nah, they’re kinda stupid. You can buy mine (if I can find it at the back of the shed) for $10. Used 4 or 5 times.
Pickup from Brunswick. I don’t have any solution left and I’m keeping the brush. If you want it, pm.

^ You must work in Marketing?

Do you wash your steel bikes like they do in cyclingtips??

These, however, I most certainly do rate. (Necessary only for 3/32" chain.)

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See here for technique:

I have my own ‘technique’ for cleaning bikes, but it is basically the same for my crabon/steel. can’t see why it would differ (depending on what you use). Saying that, my roadie is pretty rough at the moment - looking forward to sudsing up over the long weekend.

i’ve got one of these and i love it. I use it on my road bike about once a month and your chain comes up really well. I’ve heard of people using cheaper ones than the park tools one (which is probably the most expensive) and have had problems with it breaking, i’ve had my park tools one for a year and have never had any issues with it

I find they make too much mess for what they are worth.

I’ve never really had any problems with this

Just buy a quick-link for your chain. Unlink, remove, clean and attach again.

I have a non-Park Tool chain cleaner that I used to use with much success on my road bike. Then one of the closing tabs broke, then it got messy, then when I got a fixay it just kept hitting the spokes, and the quick link on my chain doesn’t go through it…so I don’t use it anymore.

It won’t work on your track bike, if that’s your plan. Great for the roadie though.

Wipe down with rag, apply lube, wipe down with rag, apply lube, wipe down with rag. Done.

i use an old toothbrush

yeah im sure it works but after reading all the cycling tips stuff i think i’ll just save the dollarz and use a little elbow grease

$30 isn’t a lot of money, try it out an I’m sure you’ll find it a good buy

i think i have one that you can just have, gratis.

though it may make you fall off your bike, like the tyres i let you have, gratis.

hahaha yep
thats brendan’s plan every one, he tricks you into thinking you want to race track then he even gives you free tires so you can get on the boards quicker, but as soon as you show any chance of competing against him he activates the self destruct mode and fuck’s you up!

i have the $10 ice tools one… if you make a couple of passes it works great. i run citrus degreaser and a little water then water and a little dishwashing liquid then dry and re oil, works great for getting the crap outa the inside of the links… no good for a track bike though…
does the same job as a tooth brush but a bit faster

not a fan of taking a hose to any bikes or using lots of water… water+bearings=$$
surface spray and clean rags is good as are baby wipes ( they leave a bit of lint though that a clean rag fixes )
car wax is pretty good for making the paint job on your Serotta pop :smiley:

you should jump on the free chain cleaner

rubbish… this was true for unsealed bearings and bikes of old, but for the bulk of your bike its perfectly fine (assuming you dont use an industrial pressure washer). be a little nicer around your hubs if you are really nervous.

the average garden hose with moderate pressure works wonders on a muddy cross bike. follow up with a bristle brush and sponge and bob’s your tranvestite aunty.