do you a 'guy'?

if you know guy - can you get him to get in contact with me.

he knows why.

Mysterious TC…

do you mean this guy on the right??

You hit you head at the CX Andy?

while we’re tracking down nitwits, if whoever let down my rear tonight is a member/visitor of this site, man up and PM me. Marquis of Queensbury rules, what what.

yes, that GUY!

he knows why.

politely ask the cvnt to call me if you know him.

only rode with him the one time in the fix up alleycat.

very curious

Pretty sure he is at schoolies

lol that kid is trouble, i hope trackcunt gets him in the end

uh oh, i wonder what happened…

spill the beans.

I think there was a debt that was supposed to be paid which to my knowledge has been
p.s Eamon1w eat a dick


cmon now, leave your petty kiddie squabbles in the schoolyard

what do you mean, the interweb is the best place for schoolyard squabbles.
in real life you actually have to be tough!

Pretty sure this has all been sorted now…