Do you have any blacker?

Just read about this on the paper, not too sure what I think of if yet.
Maybe if there was a fixed version???

Seriously the most ridiculous thing ever. Why not just do the same stuff on a normal bike with some good forks?

What’s the point of these things? Seems a way for a company to sell off their bulk lot of new old stock Razer scooter wheels.

Sigh according to the promotional video (which only shows the stupid things when they are riding with the wheels OFF the ground) you only need the wheels to turn corners looking like a tool. It made me laugh a bit though :slight_smile:

and that stack of huffys at the same time…

Does it mention what the supposed advantage of having you front end looking like miniaturised 747 landing gear?

Note To Designers:


this is the kind of thing thought up by a serial inventor

Yes the glorified pram wheels did get my attention,

When I first read about it in the Herald Sun last week it had been heralded as the new big Aussie export/invention, It soon became apparent why it had no photo next to the article.

sillier than this?

(I have one of these - it’s a shitload of fun)