Do you ride a retro/vintage bike? Feel like telling Melbourne about it?

From: “Annabel Ross” <>
Date: Tue, September 2, 2008 13:14


We’re doing a story on stylish, young-ish retro bike riders for The Age Melbourne Magazine and I was wondering if you had the contact details of anyone who may be interested in being involved? By retro I mean old fashioned, vintage-y 70s-80s style bikes. I can ask them questions over the phone or via email, and a photographer will come to shoot them on their bike at home if they live in Melbourne.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Annabel Ross.
9601 2118

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A photographer will come to shoot you if you live in Melbourne :smiley:


what kind of people get sent these emails?

also, damn, my bikes are too old, what a shame… :roll:

could be a great pisstake opportunity.

‘i jst luv tha feeling of being 1 with tha road yaknow…’

‘i love my vintage frame i bought for $68786 on ebay, when i find the rust it makes it feel so much more fucking legit’

i’m dumb, bile-ish and hetero. will that get me in?

I’m def not stylish or cool and I ride a very average conversion…

I’m sure if she hung out on Brunnie St for a few hours she would find some suitable candidates!

two from three.

you need new material, cockpony!

Haha! Nice one…

Lazy journalism- send out a mass email and let the story create itself- for free.

This is suspiciously similar to the letter BikeSnob got hold of:

BikeSnob rules.

This cracked me up!

I’d love to receive an email from a doctor which says, “I’m seeing a patient tomorrow and I’m looking for people with a keen eye for illness. If you could contact as many people as possible who know about coughing-type stuff, bleeding-type stuff, and oozing, crusty, scabby-type stuff, that would be great. The more disgusting the better. And hurry, because I’m on a deadline–the patient I’m seeing is dying.”

She could save herself some work and just crib from that article on Andy White from a year or so ago.

“Flicks hair back, Like where do I sign” :smiley:

I hate myself enough for riding a ‘cool’ bike. I still don’t get the attraction everyone that doesn’t ride retro or fixed has with them.

like al gore, i’m a firm believer in recycling.