Do you trust Token?

Happy Friday kids

Looking for a weight weenie seatpost clamp, came across this:

Wiggle | Token TK161 CNC Seat Clamp with Ti Bolts | Seat Post Clamps

Now I’ve never owned a Token product before- talk to some people and they say they are rubbish. Opinions?

Or just get a Thomson and be done with it?

I have token y cut skewers and they are ww light and I’ve put about 10,000k on them with no worries

Apparently it clamps alright:

You know you want the Thomson…

I just got a token cog and lockring, definitely light… but I haven’t had much time to give them hell yet.

But the token one is lighter!

Funny, I bought a Thomson seat clamp for my Niner and the post kept slipping. Went back to my no name clamp and it works fine. Could be just a one off, I guess.

Token shit is fine, just make sure you put the bolt in straight or it might start an unnecessary new thread…

he was a bit of a maddog in real life, riding bikes and being a little bit anti state control and stuff, but fuck, those lord of the rings books should be read once in childhood and then left there.

oh, wait, that’s tolkien.

carry on.

Tolkien was a conservative catholic who invented a language. Would I trust him? For etymological concerns, yes.

ps. i would’ve bet cash money that a reference to those dorky kids’ books would bring you out of FOA retirement.

Yeah, that thomson… such a big fat donut… why they make it fat? it needs to bend to clamp, so make it a band. I like other thomson stuff fer sher, but I dont like the look o that clamp.

PS, graph above is nice, but Vonnegut books are exceptions.


My input - yes token is fine. Have had a few of their products in the past and nothing has ever faulted. GOWANGEDIT.

Schweet thanks.

It seems Token is like an every man’s version of Tune.

Haha, guilty. Read em four times as a kid. Pretty good. That xkcd strip is better though.

Fuck Tolken

You can dismiss Tolkien when you can spell his name.

Otherwise, you shall not pass.

Come at me haterz.