Dodici Special Build

Dodici Special

Seatpost: Thomson Elite
Seatpost collar: Thomson
Crank Arms: Miche Primato
Chain Ring: FSA 46t
Chain: Izumi
Pedals :Odyssey Twisted
FRS: BO Straps
Cog: Phil Wood 17t
Wheels: Mavic Open Pro Ceramics
Hubs: 32 High Flange Phil Wood
Tyres: Rear Conti Gator 23c, Front GP 4000
Saddle: Turbo
Stem: Thomson oversized 90mm Road
Headset: Chris King
Handlebars: Skybar Rizorzz
Grips: Oury
Bottom Bracket: White Industries

Super nice build…

I am going a similar way with my On-one track just the same level of components

it looks… slack?

what do you mean slack?

geometry I’m guessing? I think it looks slackish because its a smaller frame…

Super bike though:)

Like someone has hung it from its front wheel and it has melted downwards, like it was made of butter…

Haha, fml.

allways wanted a dodici they are super cool

Nice build,
I have a special.
I think the seat post has something to do with the “slack” look.
Like I say very nice build.

Yeah agreed on the seatpost, I’m thinking of putting a thomson on to see if it looks any better!

Just curious, what size tyre do you run on the dodici fork? I had trouble even fitting a 23c on.

I have a cheapy maxxis something and it’s very tight. But it’s fine no dramas.

Heres an update! I put ghetto stickers on it to try and make into the commuter it’s turning in to.

I’m thinking slick…

black on black with black components classic. can’t go wrong

fave style of street fighter…love the bend and the wide down tube…maybe a deeper h-son/b34 wheel on the front would give it a ‘bulldog-ish’ front end…i want.

Waiting on cash for a trispoke!

no trispoke… deep dish crabon HED the oned with bladed spokes. but trispoke no