Does anyone have a 49cm frame without toe overlap?

Hey Guys.

I’m about to put together a small bike for my friend (who is quite short).
Its going to be a 49CM Frame running 700c. I can get a 165mm crank set if need be.

I’m just wondering if anyone out there is running a setup like this and if you are,
could you please post an image of your bike showing the toe overlap?

thanks heaps.

What’s wrong with a bit of toe overlap?

Does anyone have a 49cm frame without toe overlap?

Negative with 700c. 650c maybe.

I know you said it’s going to be a 49cm frame, but is a 51 really going to be too big?
I’m pretty small and ride a 51cm fixed gear bicycle - When I first got it I rode clips and straps and had overlap, made the change to clipless and because of the cleat location on the shoe (forward a fraction compared to where the clips and straps allowed mt foot to be) the overlap is gone…
Just food for thought…
My roadie is smaller and I have overlap, but was told slightly bigger frame for fixed gear bicycle as the frame is a different geo. (Same shoes/pedals/cleats used on both bikes)

my girlfriends bike ( from memory ST 47cm or smaller and TT 49cm) runs sugino75’s 165mm with Medium sized MKS toeclips, she has zero toe overlap and wheels are 700c

frame is specialised s works langster also…geometry is made for the track

it all depends on the frame i guess…

Depends on the rake of the forks, surely. I gotta say that I would prefer a bit of toeverlap rather than some horrible 40’s pathracer geometry (like you see on the Charge bikes etc). The whole overlap issue is completely overblown.

Over lap is part and parcel of owning a real track frame…
Mine is a Perkins custom 52st 57tt and I have 25mm overlap with 165 cranks…
Even running cleats on the thing it’d still a good 10mm
you get used to it real fast and learn to deal with it.