does anyone know what happened to my old hillman?

at all?

i wonder if i can find it and maybe get it back.

Where did you leave it?

Are you talking about the red one with white barber shop stripes?

A long time back I saw it at the back of Ray’s Bicycle Centre on Sydney Rd. It was there for a few weeks too. I assumed the person that bought it from you sent it there for service … but I never asked about the bike.


ah! ok, thanks des… i left in the hands of a canadian guy :slight_smile:

There I was having a beer and a chat with the new spanner man at St Kilda cycles…

he wheels out his bike for a quick tune up before heading home…

“Shit” I said, “I know that fine bicycle… where did you get that from…”

“I brought it from some dude a while ago…” he said in his Canadian drawl…

The End

JP you have a hard task on your hands if you want it back… the new owner has (and rightly so) got some serious love for that fine machine… :slight_smile:

p.s. lots on… I will call eventually…!