Does anyone on Melbourne...

Know if there’s a wood workshop you can hire by the hour that isn’t run by anyone offensively hip or total punishers?

I need access to a thicknesser, good table/panel saw and a band saw.

Is there a Men’s Shed anywhere near you? Worth an ask.

+1 to the Mens Shed.

My old man uses his local one specifically for their thicknesser and band saw (brings his own blades).

thanks duuudes!

Report back if you find a good one. The Collingwood one was a bit lacklustre last time I checked

Moonee ponds seems like it might be alright, I’ve just got to find a day to get down there when they’re open.

Depends what you need the table saw for but you could try a power saw and guide? Thicknesser you can usually hire at the bigger places.

I’m dressing some blackwood, Dayne, so I want it be pretty spot on.

+1 on men’s shed.
I’ve used my local one a few times and also helped out there a few times!