Does anything ever happen here?


Topics from 2006 still on the first page. . .




Nope !

i can hear crickets

so peaceful


it took me 5 minutes to find that

i might buy a house here, start a family



they get out of sync after a bit. :slight_smile: hay guyz~

I intended on buying a fixed/free phil wood hub for my ss mtb…but then decided against it due to price so I just have the normal ss phil wood hub :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive taken my 27inch beater fixie off road a little bit and it is very very impractical, especially without brakes!

Anyone got one of those mtb disc brake cogs? I’ve been wanting to try it out.

vee dub (fred) from sydney had a couple - I think he gets them from cycle underground.

I tried a Tomi Cog (google them). They’re ok, it survived 2 or 3 dirt crits, a 7 hour in the mud and one Single Speed World Champs. It’s looking pretty worn out now, the teeth are starting to bend.
Chainline was good, seemed pretty round, possibly a bit thin though…