Does it come with the hipster?

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Oh wow.

No brakes, no foot retention, no worries!

does it come with a bong

I’d take that ‘fixie enthusiast’ for a ride.

Cut out seat, protect my eerection!

North Bondi

Says it all doesn’t it…

Duuuuuuude could have axed himself coming down that big fucking hill in Bondi and saved me a whole bunch of hate.

All of Bondi turned into Wankerville (after I moved out)

nice view

That looks like my 60 year old mums saddle.


is that beard and/or hair even real?

You mean there’s such thing as hair other than beard/facial stuff?

paging sugarkayne

After some pills/powder?


That cracks me up !!

Actually, I saw a little bit of old Bondi this morning and made me think it hasn’t all gone senseless. Dion, who’s lived there as long as I can remember, and always out in the water has a little vid of his scultpures and the stuff he makes. Great guy, and proof that pre-hipster Bondi still exists even after I moved out.

The Path - Dion Horstmans on Vimeo

My name is sugarkayne, and I’m your pusher mayne, slingin’ big rocks bitch, you know I’m on my game.
Need 50 grams motherfucker? Cut it down to 40. Weight weenie drug runnin’, in the streets I’m naughty.
Puffing on the purple stuff see me rolling round in a daze. Bumping all that old shit like back in my radio days.

For what Bondi is all about. Check this blog… This guy gets down to the beach every day and takes a series of pics and a report on surf conditions. Some awesome pics. Especially yesterdays.

Aquabumps Surf Photography Bondi Beach Surf Report

Nice, but not enough spelling mistakes to be genuine :wink: