Does riding Fixed actually help or it is just fun?

Wondering: Does riding a Fixie build Power? Strength? I’ve noticed that I’m becoming smoother - i.e. I’m not bobing up and down when doing 115RPM anymore. So I guess riding fixed has smoothed out my pedal stroke(?) if you call it that. But besides it being fun, does fixed riding make you a better rider?

it just makes you better then everyone else full stop…

I know that since I started riding track, when I ride my geared roadie my pedaling is a lot smoother. I dont’ ride fixed on the road so I can’t comment on if it helps strength, but I imagine it would.

I have heard that riding fixies on the road can cause you to have a squarish pedaling action though.

I think some helps, too much can be detrimental, after 3 months of exclusively fixed I was getting a bit lazy when I switched back to the roady and feeling uncoordinated without the cranks pushing me around. I think there was a reason they used to be used for the first 1000kms of the roady season.


Riding around the city I find fixie a bit easier cause you can control your speed easier than on a geared bike. I feel like I can take my hands off the bars without so much hesitation, to adjust a bag strap, answer my phone (it’s only illegal in a car isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue: ) etc.

That being said, my knees felt like they were getting punished and I now only ride fixed on the track. My road fixed is now an SS with 2 brakes.

Other than the speed thing, I felt that it helped we learn how to spin a lot more. Like when I’m riding with the bunch at 35-40k’s with only a 74 inch gear…



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Just like anything else you get smoother and better with practice

Just got some Dura Ace track hubs laced into Mavic Openpro Rims and I say that Fixed is FAST!!!

Riding fixed is fun with a steep learning curve.

But after i removed my brake, i became a better rider in every way. A longer braking distance has made me sharpen my reflexes and i’ve learnt to swurve, turn sharply, and use slalom type maneuvers, instead of straight line braking. I have learnt to widen my field of vision and try to anticipate future events, resulting in a heightened road awareness for traffic patterns and nuances. I actualy love riding now because i’m always getting better and faster.

I’m not a messenger and i don’t do maniacal alleycat moves but i am much quicker now than i ever have been with a brake (except on flat, straight ground where lycra-roadies beat my 48-19 ass).

Sheldon Brown says yes! Check out the fixie articles on his website.

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Riding fixed for the month before Paris-Brest-Paris definitely helped me with overall power and hill climbing ability. 4 months later and i’m pretty confident that my pedaling technique is starting to suffer. with a bit of luck my roadie should be ready to ride again in the next week or two after binning it on ride to work day (of all days) and ["]buckled the frame.](http://"[url)

I reckon riding fixed has strengthened my legs for eccentric exercise liking hiking down mt bogong as I did yesterday.

Riding fixed also makes you more popular with the ladies and adds inches to your manhood.

what he said.

i can’t ride a freewheel any more. seriously. my pedaling technique is shit.

I try to keep my week to about 50/50 fixed/roadie. Being a lazy bastard, too much fixed and I forget about the back half of my pedal stroke.

It helps your spin and fitness (a lot) and gives you way more control over the bike in traffic. I ride the roadie every now and then and shit myself just relying on brakes.

Also, I feel ‘at one’ with my bike and the universe.

I’ve been riding fixed for around 4 months now, every day 30 km plus about 200km a week on a geared bike. I’m in Brisbane, where hills are unavoidable in every ride, so there’s always a grind for the 42x16. Without doubt I am a lot stronger on the hills than before - can stand for longer and push harder. Makes for pleasure in seeing my road riding mate turn to weeping jelly and demoralised further as I turn around to go back for him. :evil:

one down side i have noticed, above and beyond long term loss of pedal style, is my lack of faith in geared bikes now.
every click, creak or twitch from the drive train scares the hell out of me.
i’m about to turn $3K of duallie into a singlespped just because no matter how good i get the shifting it doesn’t feel as solid or secure as my fixie.

kinda sad really.

I found that now riding my Mountain bike that if I’m not in a high gear my pedal stroke is stuffed. If it’s big ring on the front and short on the rear I’m ok. But I just frig up Middle or Granny.

I’m in Brisbane and do a ride on Friday nights that goes from Cannon Hill to St Lucia back to Nathan Uni (up that big bitch of a hill on the M1) and over to Creek Rd via Carindale back to Cannon Hill and the time the Roadies make up going downhill I make back up going uphill. One of the Roadies swapped with me last week and I was as so glad to get my Langster back it wasn’t funny. So much power lose with all those bends and cogs in the chain.

Interesting! Last w/e I rode the MTB up through the forest park to Mt Nebo and from the fixie influence, did it without using the granny. I thought I was shit-hot, but maybe it’s bad?