4 consecutive finals and I picked them to lose every single one.

Never been so farkin happy to be wrong

What a game.

Swans just couldn’t get a handle on it in the last quarter.

Funny because it was the other way round for the first 3 quarters. Doggies couldn’t get a clean possession. Never had anyone inside the 50 to kick it to. Couldn’t take a mark. Looked like Swans were going to kick 3 quick goals any minute and just pull away. But it never came.

Had this conversation yesterday but doggies have had to play 4 quarters of football almost every game this year, but especially through the finals. Where as the Swans typically only play one hard quarter and then just control the game. I think that fitness showed for the doggies in the fourth yesterday.

Is James Kent even alive?


Best weekend of my life. Accidentally elbowed a swans fan in the head when the siren went was partying so hard. Bevo is a fkn genius.

When Picko took that hanger deep in the final quarter, fuck me dead.

hahahah, this is so colloquial.

I believe in miracles moccos

TC: When this happened, for one fleeting second, I was a Doggies supporter.

and when Tommy Boyd proved all the doubters wrong by unloading from the fuckin centre square YEESSSSSSSSSSS