Thinking of buying another dog. I currently have a maltese terrier/poodly thing named Sammy. He is hilarious.
Interested in mid to larger size breeds, ie. kelpie etc.
Does anyone here have experience with dogs, especially larger ones?
I live in suburban Melbourne with access to plenty of exercise (parks, beach etc) especially if i get to ride there.
Any help would be appreciated.

i had a rhodesian ridgeback called “wu-tang”. he was good.

Will it be fixed?

Fixed for you.

i have a little jack russell terrier, she is a crack up.

you should adopt, check out these sites

www. or

good luck finding another little mate for life =)

Will the bike i ride to walk my dog be fixed? Probably not.

Will the dog be fixed? Um, yes.

A Kelpie is a great choice IMO, and something similar is an Australian Koolie… a.k.a German Koolie.

My dad has a couple of these ‘up country way’ and they are awesome. One of them can do backflips. But they have ridiculous amounts of energy. Suggest getting some sheep for them to chase ALL day. I like Border Collies too.

Staffys are so naughties.

As Jontay said, Jack Russels are good, though are definately a small dog.

You like dags?

I’ve got a Golden Retriever and have had for 9 years now.
They really are a fantastic dog, definitely on the mid to large side of things.

Only thing is they malt…A LOT! So I guess that might be a problem if you like your black apparel. :stuck_out_tongue:
So I guess, if lots of hair isn’t a problem, they’re a great dog to go for. (Great with the younger ones if that’s a factor at all)

Also got bundles of energy so it should keep you entertained.

I have a couple of smaller terriers, one is crossed with kelpie, and she is great (going in agility class soon) and the other is crossed w/ jack russell, she is a tart.
We got them both fom the lost dogs home, which I can’t recommend enough. Don’t buy from a puppy farm, they are just too sad.
Consider how much time you have for exercising a bigger dog, how big your house is, and the effect it will have on your other dog (most important).
Go to the lost dgs home and chat with them, they are very honest if they think it is a good idea getting a second dog, what breeds could suit etc. They helped us a heap get our second one, and one useful thing they told us was be open to different breeds - often the attributes of a breed are different to what you expect!


+1 for a Border Collie, super smart, pretty good at fetch and mustering sheep (though not as good as Kelpies when it comes to Cattle work IMO), and even cooler if you can get a ranga version

you should get a cat. if you called it GZA our cats could play together.

I have a German Shepherd x Labrador (Atiba) and a Black Labrador x Kelpie (Molly). they are amazing, but need A LOT of exercise and attention.

All dogs are good. Dogs are that are saved from shelters are even better !!!

Check out some animal shelters near you and you’ll find many options for a new canine companion. Many of them like my dog were/are due to be put down. Choosing a new dog in this way also helps maintain other dogs and animals in a clean and humane manner as well as providing you with a very grateful new friend. The right dog will find you :wink:

They also make excellent helpers when maintaining and fixing bikes.

all dogs are good.
kelpies are very energetic
mine was crazy until I got some chickens for her to round up all day long
which was good for the dog but bad for egg production

So how do you integrate that with your bike riding life JLN? I’m a bit concerned that, since i ride everywhere, the dog might be left behind. Tht said i am happy to make concessions.

We have a lakeland terrier- everyone except my youngest daughter hates him

We take them to a dog park most nights of the week.

There is a guy up here that rides everywhere with a big mongrel l cross. Best behaved dog you have ever seen . just runs beside the bike and never chase anything and pays no attention to other dogs. He will sit out side the pub for four to five hours guarding the bike and never move.

That level of training requires no partner and no children

good luck

i really want a boston terrier or french bulldog.

maybe a pug.

though it’s the biggest cliche to live in fitzroy and have one - it’d like they come in the welcome basket that also contains a fixie, some ray bans and an iphone…

My American Staffy. BEST DOG EVER!!!