Atiba on the left, Molly on the right.

This was in summer, and they wouldn’t leave the laundry because it was too hot.

Fairly recently got a Beagle, Piper (Cycling or flying reference, whatever you prefer). Hope is that she will be keen to run with me.

man i would fuckin LOVE a dog but feel i’m too selfish to own one at this point in life. doubt the landlord would like it much either…

anyone else feel that way, then get one anyway? did you have to make many massive concessions? i’d just hate to be somewhere havin a good time then have to bail to feed/walk the dog etc.

one day…

oh, and i’d get any of the following:
rhodesian ridgeback(had one growing up, awesome!)
beagle(friend of a friend just got one and called it bagel! haha)
chocolate lab (not sure i have the energy/patience for the 2 year puppy period!)

but i reckon i’d be stoked with any medium sized dog

I waited until I had an appropriate sized back yard. Someone needs to be home every night at a reasonable time to feed and entertain so less flexibilityto go out straight after work.

The puppy phase is tiring, just can’t sit still of an evening until she has gone to bed, play, jump on the coach go outside, come inside, repeat…

Doing a solid amount of training at the moment and sometimes you just want to sit still!

Still get lots of good stuff out of it.

border collies are amazing, but waste away if they’re not kept REALLY active. i’ve had 2 for the last 10 & 12 yrs, they’re with the parents in qld now. i’ll get another dog when i’m not such a flakey fuckwad

yeah our backyard would probably be fine for a medium sized dog. not much to look at but doubt the landlord would appreciate it being dug up (i know staffy’s are notorious for this) regardless.

my dad had a poorly trained black lab and it drove me fuckin mental. he’d chew something important and my stepmum would coo at it “jimmy give back to mumma?”!!! man, that used to drive me crazy. i’d be happy to put in the yards to train it properly as i know the rewards are far reaching (as the post above mentioned with the well behaved dog outside the pub). my mum and stepdad trained our ridgeback and she was so well behaved. good times

there’s obviously a fair cost involved too but i think when i decide to get a dog that won’t sway me against it!

someone gave up that awesome dog. that sux. except for obviously finding a better owner in the end

^ That is why shelters are so important! Every time I take my dogs for a run or play fetch with them I am amazed that someone could turn their backs on them. But I am happy and they are too.
Rolly - in terms of the commitment, I have not noticed too much of a lifestyle change, but I don’t look after them on my own. As long as there is one person who can walk/play with them every day, feed them and spend some time with them it is fine, and it is not as much work as it sounds - it forms part of your routine. A big positive is that I am much fitter having them than I was before. The cost is not that bad as it is usually spread out over time.
Oh and you can train them so they don’t do stuff like dig and chew - the key is you learning how to train them and then being consistent!

my family has always had golden retrievers, great dogs, but they get so fat. my cousin still has two and they end up looking like giant, fluffy loaves of bread.

think my next pooch will be a dogue de bordeaux

I lost 2 hours last night looking at the dogs on all the dog shelter websites. I want one…

Haha - me too. But instead I found a pair of cute kittens that my current cat would probably chew up and spit out. I’ll get another dog one day.

My parents have got two Schipperkes. Like this one…

Sad how breeds like this often have their tails docked for ‘aesthetics’ though. I could never do that to a puppy, and I won’t ever buy animals from breeders who do such things.

Schipps are pretty cool - Same family as Spitz and Huskies etc. Not always great for kids, but I always think its how animals are treated rather than specific tendencies of different breeds.

It’s pretty amazing how difficult it is to get a Kelpie from a breeder (from what i can see) and the contrast between that and the amount in shelters or being given away for free by farmers cos they don’t work well.

Wait till you’ve settled into your new digs first. Remember what I said about “the right dog finds you”.

Since some of you guys meet down near there anyway, there’s always this to consider.
Puppy Raising | Guide Dogs Victoria

That’s how it happens…

I think it can be quite a wait for this can’t it? And I don’t know about others, but I would struggle giving up a puppy after having it for a year, even if it is for a good cause. However, it is posisble to get the guide dog “dropouts”, which are still great dogs but not quite up to guide dog requirements.

HMC - there are 5 Kelpie’s at Lost dogs home - The Lost Dogs Home - Adoption Animals - but only do it if the time is right and you have thought about it for a while. Like Spirito said, the right dog finds you!

no way i could do this, too sad!!

Totes. Will definitely wait a while.

Keiren: Rach used to have a Schipperke. It was a pretty rad dog. They were bred for use on barges in the Netherlands, apparently…

Really don’t want an alcoholic dog though.

I have a friend who has a Customs dog which is along the same guidelines as a guide dog. I didn’t suggest that option as some of you might not want it constantly digging up your stash.